Ultimate Guide to Writing Dissertation Chapters

The first and best way to start your dissertation is to plan, structure, and outline it. List out all the chapters and sections you need to include in your writing. But what are the various chapters of a dissertation, and how do you write them? We will answer all your questions pertaining to the dissertation chapters in this article.

Standard dissertation chapters

A typical dissertation structure consists of the following chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review;
  • Methods and materials;
  • Research results and discussions;
  • Conclusion


The introduction chapter is the gateway to your dissertation. It introduces the topic to your readers and tells them the purpose of your research. It also describes the importance of the project and the questions it seeks to answer.

Literature Review

The literature review is a critical aspect of your Master’s or Ph.D. dissertation. This chapter requires writing and research skills. The literature review analyzes existing research related to your chosen topic and should state how your project will add to them. The chapter proves that you’ve done adequate research in the field and understand relevant literature to your work.  

Methods and Materials

In this chapter, you need to state the methods for collecting data and relevant information. It is where you also answer your research questions. The methodology you use for your research may decide the outcome. What method are you using? Is it the qualitative, quantitative, or combined method of data collection? Any wrong procedure may result in false findings and ruin your project. You need to come out clear with all the techniques you will use to solve the problem at hand.

Research Results and Discussions

The research and discussion chapter comprises of the following sections

  • Final results;
  • Their analysis;
  • Sub-conclusion

This is where you state your research findings and the process used. It includes results from your experiments and any other vital outcomes. The findings can be in a table, graph, or any appropriate form. Note that it shouldn’t be cumbersome to confuse readers. Please keep it simple and divide them into sections it required.

Conclusion writing

In this chapter, you summarize your entire research in a few paragraphs. It is a brief overview of important data and findings at every phase of your work. Remember that it should be concise. Don’t add anything new, which is not contained the main research.

Other Dissertation Chapters

Your dissertation must also include chapters like:

  • Bibliography list: It is where you list all your sources and briefly describes it. It can be stated in alphabetical order or go by the rules of your university. Also, use the correct formatting method.
  • Abstract: This is a brief but informative summary of the important points in the research. It should also contain important findings and state your main argument. The abstract should not exceed 350 words.
  • Acknowledgments: In this chapter, you should list all significant contributors to your research. It can be an academic contribution, professional assistance, or monetary contribution. Everyone who helped you along the way should be acknowledged.
  • Table of Contents: It contains the dissertation chapter and pages numbers of each.