A Good Example of an Undergraduate Dissertation Questionnaire

A questionnaire survey is a good way of collecting data for an undergraduate dissertation in sociology, for example. To compose a proper questionnaire for your particular project, you should learn about different types of questionnaires and look at examples of well-crafted questionnaires.

Types of Undergraduate Dissertation Questionnaires

  1. A close-ended questionnaire.
  2. In this type of a questionnaire, a respondent cannot give a detailed response to a question. They can answer only “Yes” or “No.” A respondent cannot express their judgment. An example of a close-ended question would be: “Is physics your favorite school subject?”

  3. An open- ended questionnaire.
  4. In this type of a questionnaire, a respondent can give a detailed response to a question. They can express their views, ideas, and judgments. An example of an open-ended question would be: “What were the most significant events in the history of the USA?”

  5. A mixed questionnaire.
  6. This type of a questionnaire contains both open- and close-ended questions. Usually, this type is used in the field of social studies.

  7. A pictorial questionnaire.
  8. In this type of a questionnaire, the author of a survey attaches a particular picture to each question. Primarily, this type is used to determine social attitudes and prejudices in children. An example of a question in a pictorial questionnaire would be: “What can you see in this picture?”

    How to Design an Undergraduate Dissertation Questionnaire

    • Determine the requirements of your research.
    • Define target respondents.
    • Choose a method for contacting target respondents (personal interviews, online surveys, etc.)
    • Formulate your questions with the proper wording.
    • Arrange your questions in the proper order and format.
    • Check the reliability of your questionnaire by pre-testing it on a small group of people.

    Where to Get Questionnaire Samples

    The easiest way to get an example of a questionnaire is to approach a professor who supervises your academic project. It’s likely that they worked with many other students in the past, so they should have some samples to share with you.

    You may also approach local organizations that conduct different social studies. They carry out plenty of questionnaire surveys, so you should be able to purchase many templates from them.

    In short, if you want to use a questionnaire survey as one of your research methods, you should examine questionnaires designed by other people and determine what type is suitable for your particular study.