Defining The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

It takes a lot of sacrifice for one to make it to the top of his or class. However, what is always most important when it comes to achieving the best grades in your grade is dedication, focus and creativity. If you are focused but not creative, things may appear a little challenging and the same also applies to a situation whereby a student is creative by is neither focus nor dedicated. It will always be an equation of wasted energy if you fail to factor in the aforementioned attributes for they are big recipes for success. These aside, students face a range of changes, all of which are of varying degrees. If your challenges happen to be numerous, you have not an option but to devise means and ways that will help you overcome every hurdle that seem to hinder your progress.

More often than not, dissertation and thesis are words used interchangeably in academic circles. Over the years, they have therefore been misconstrued to mean the same thing, while in essence, the two words are distinct and of different meanings. In other words, writing a term paper on a thesis question thinking it is a dissertation paper is surely to land you in trouble, let alone leading you to the tail end of performance. In as much as the two words can sometimes be used to mean the same thing in verbal contexts, it is important to take note of the fact that they don’t and will never be representative of the same kind of writing. This brings us to the gist of this post, in which we seek to make clear the differences between the two words for all graduate and post graduate students out there, so read below for details.

Differences based on purpose and level of academia

Well, while students seeking to be admitted into Master’s degree and in this case, such studies as MPhil, MBA and others, it is a requirement that one crafts a dissertation. This is not the case with a situation where one seeks admission into doctoral of philosophy studies always abbreviated as PhD. In seeking admission into PhD studies, one needs to come up with a thesis paper.

Differences based on methodology or approach

Dissertation papers are usually crafted from scratch whereby one comes up with a totally unique and independent topic with an aim of generating fresh data and knowledge. Thesis papers are based on existing papers, either to fill knowledge gaps or dispute some findings.

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